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Texas Hog Hunters Association

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Here at Texas Hog Hunters Association, we believe that education is key. It’s our goal to help inform people about the devastation that hogs cause to farmland, as well as be a source for finding reputable outfitters, trappers, and eradicators.

We are concerned with the destruction to ranches and farmlands and their crops, and are here to assist. We have built, and maintain a list of trappers and outfitters around the state and the counties that they serve. If they are on our list, then they will adhere to our values and reputation. Otherwise, they will not be endorsed or associated with Texas Hog Hunters Association.

We strive to be a reliable place for landowners, outfitters and hunters alike to find reliable and educational information, vetted hunting outfitters, and a large community of passionate people helping to eradicate feral hogs in Texas!

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Check out this video to see one of the many ways our affiliates help decrease this harmful pig population. 

Texas Hog Hunters Association

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