Texas Hog Hunters Association is an organization for Texas hunters to share knowledge and tactics dedicated to the hunting and population control of Texas feral hogs.

Scott Dover


Texas Hog Hunters Association is a grassroots organization that was founded to provide a centralized location for information and resources relating to Texas’s feral hog problem.

Since 2015, we have developed and grown relationships with people from all over the great state of Texas and all aspects of the hunting community. Together, we have a wealth of knowledge in hunting and are eager to teach and share.

Hunters, ranchers, outfitters, outdoor personalities and businesses in the hunting industry have also found their way to THHA. They have embraced our organization and they support our vision and mission.

THHA supports all styles of hog hunting. Outfitters endorsed use an array of methods to eradicate feral hogs including guns, archery, running dogs, and helicopter eradication practices.

The end result is clearly defined, we must work together by whatever means is necessary and available to attempt to reduce and control the numbers of this plague called Feral Hogs.


For Hunters

We are here to ensure that all hunters are provided with high quality, reputable and reliable information on sources to hunt, whether through an outfitter or through public land resources.

For Service Providers

We are here to provide outfitters and service providers with a positive and high-traffic avenue for advertising their operations, promoting their services, and connecting with hunters and landowners.

For Landowners

We assure Texas landowners that we are knowledgeable of and concerned with the destruction feral hogs cause to land and crops. We are here to assist you. THHA has built and maintained a list of trappers and outfitters across the state and the counties that they serve. If they’re our list, they will adhere to our values and reputation. Otherwise, they are not endorsed or associated with Texas Hog Hunters Association.

      • Conservation
      • Collaboration
      • Innovation
      • Management
      • Education

We have found that by creating a community of active members consisting of landowners, ranchers, hunters, and outfitters who can work together, we can create a balance of these four principles.