Platinum Split Option


Subscription period: 1 year

No automatically recurring payments



Platinum business Sponsors have the option to Pay 1000.00 in full or Pay partial cash (500.00) and remainder in product (500.00 value).

(Example) Outfitter pays 500.00 in cash and 2 donated hog hunts
(Example) Product Business pays 500.00 in cash and 500.00 in product equivalent.

Product in lieu of payment will be utilized throughout the year for Member giveaways so this will be a great chance for added promotion.

Platinum Business Sponsors will Receive a Platinum Member listing on the THHA website, advertising opportunity for you to promote within our private social media forums and advertise to a select targeted audience.

THHA will do Random Features of our Platinum Sponsors on our website and social media channels.

Sponsors are encouraged to offer special discounts to our Members and will be added to our Member benefits page.


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